A clever pushchair, that truly grows along with your family. It satisfies the different evolutive phases in life:
baby, toddler, toddler + baby, two toddlers.

Phase 1: thanks to the patented "carrycot inside" system, the seat can be easily converted into a
carrycot by simply unzipping the seat unit.
Phase 2:
it takes literally 15 seconds to reconvert the carrycot into a seat.
Phase 3:
add a second seat (purchased separately) to accomodate a toddler and a baby
Phase 4:
two seats accomodate two toddlers (second seat to be purchased separately)

The seat can be forward facing as well as mother facing.Two height positions for seat/carrycot.
Three recline angles for seat. Compact and easy folding.
The changing bag fits perfectly inside the basket. Includes: canopy, raincover, apron, changing bag

Suitable from birth up to 17 kg

Weight chassis only:
11 kg
Weight chassis with carrycot:
13.5 kg
Weight chassis with seat:
15.2 kg

Unfolded dimensions
Folded dimensions with wheels
Folded dimensions without wheels

Starter Pack Colours:

Kobi Cosmo

Kobi Grey

Kobi White

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